Who we are?

Beauty. It has been my shining star since I was a child.

I have payed it tribute ever since in everything I do: the harmony of forms, the melody of colours, that’s how we make our symphony of space. At SAIDE DESIGN, transforming ordinary into extraordinary it’s our daily business.

We center on our customers’ dream projects in terms of design and architecture and we make them happen. Relentlessly in pursuit of perfection, our dream team is making beauty sparkle everywhere.

In our relentless pursuit of beauty, we reinterpret and integrate different design styles to reach the perfection in an unique living space, cristalizing our customer’s dream projects.

Together with our clients, we visualize the harmony of space beyond the obvious. The fusion of decorative elements and sacred symbols from the world’s different cultures makes our symphony of space.

Founder & Senior Designer: Antonia Sandru

Designer: Strajescu - Ghise Ionut